Current,Burning & Evergreen GD topics for Fashion tech. aspirants.

Hi friends again due to some hectic schedules...My seminars and workshops...i was not discussing the topics....but from today onwards i have decided to spend at least 1hr. a day for this cause...Well today i'm providing some of current & burning GD topics for aspirants planning for thr future in fashion technology on request of one of the NIFT aspirant Rani on my email account....For approaches while having GD/PI u may read my past posts its totally same for all types of GD/PI i.e.(MBA,FASHION,JOB ORIENTED etc.)

These, according to me, are the hot topics that can be discussed during group discussion and personal interviews:-

1. You are brand manager of a casual apparel brand. How you can use social networking sites such as Facebook or Linkedin for the benefit of your brand.

2.Indian apparel retail post recession. Challenges and Opportunities.

3. If your brand is doing well in Metro cities, would it make sense to venture into the Tier-2 cities. How would the marketing mix ( product, price, place, promotion) be different there.

4. Should apparel brands go on discounts at all ? Why ? Why not ?

5. Should there be any return policy for an apparel brand ? Why ? Why not

6. Malls are not the same post recession.

7. Rising Prices of Cotton Yarn- Boon or bane for Indian Exports.

8. India should stick to manufacturing and selling traditional textiles and leave the manufacturing of other textiles to China and other countries.

9.Organic Textiles. Does it have a future or it is a mere eyewash .

10.India Advantage- Apparel and Textiles

11. Indian customer knows only one language- the language of discounts- every other strategy is useless.

12.Wardrobe Malfunction-Is it in fashion?

In addition i'm also describing some of the case studies that may be asked in a group discussion in for NIFT :-
1. XYZ is an Indian exporter. His exports are going down. He knows that the reason may be appreciation of Rupee, competition from Bangladesh or China or some other factor. How can he cope up with the situation.
2. XYZ is an Indian exporter. He wants to launch his own apparel brand in the mid-higher segment of the market. He has two options, one to go with multibrand outlets like Shopper's Stop and other is to go for his own exclusive outlet. Which one do you suggest.
3. XYZ is a fashion designer. He wants to enter into the apparel retail market. Should he start manufacturing private labels for MBOs like Shopper's Stop or should he launch his or her own brand in the market ? What do you suggest.
4. Today we see that all the advertisement for fashion / designer wear has the same theme: beautiful/handsome models dressed up in same scenic routine. Can you think of some innovative ways of promoting the brand.
5.In this era, where organised retail is coming up in a big way in India, is there any future for the small store.
6. In a country like India, where price and discounts play such a major role in building a brand, how can a luxury brand like Louis Vitton build its marketing strategy.
7. In this era of cut-throat competition in apparel brands, it is very difficult to differentiate one brand from the other on the basis of merchandise alone. Can you suggest some strategies so that customer will be able to have a unique positioning for a particular brand.
8. Should Indian designers stick with the theme of Indianness or they should venture out with other themes, which will be more fruitful and effective ?
9. How an ordinary apparel retailer can counter a strategy adopted by discounters.
10. In India can we say that there exists a 'fashion sense', which is very much evident in western countries. Can you suggest some indicators for that 'fashion-sense'
11. Who is more important in an apparel retail organisation- designer or marketer ?
12 What is better for an apparel retail brand in terms of opening a store: to open a small store in a high rental area (obviously with higher footfalls and sales) or to open a big store in a less important location.

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